Case Crankshafts

Case Crankshaft
Case engines and crankshafts are found mostly in heavy duty construction equipment. Because of the extreme conditions these engines work under, the need to rebuild these engines is quite common. Below you will find more information to help you choose an appropriate machine shop to repair your Case crankshaft.

Diesel Crankshaft Grinding

As is the case in most diesel or special duty crankshafts, the length of the crankshaft is important. Many machine shops are capable of handling crankshafts with a length of 48 inches or less. If your crankshaft exceeds this length, it is important to ask the machine shop what the maximum center distance is between chucks.

Diesel and special duty crankshafts normally have a large radius in the rod and main journals. This provides added strength to the crankshaft. Most automotive machine shops can accommodate a 1/8 inch radius or less. If your Case crankshaft has a larger radius, please ask the machine shop first to confirm the size with a radius gauge to confirm that they can maintain the radius.

In the construction and farm fields, often times engine upgrades are available in equipment. Such upgrades can include engines from a variety of manufacturers. Smaller Case crankshaft specifications can be listed under the International Harvester Tractor listings. Normally speaking the machinist can cross check the crankshaft forging number to confirm specifications.

Should you have any questions regarding your Case crankshaft, please contact us.
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