Information About Welding Crankshafts

Crankshaft Welder
The welding machine is setup similar to the crankshaft grinder. The chucks offset for the crank stroke, and counter weights are present to help balance the crankshaft as it rotates. The most common form of crankshaft welding uses a process called submerged arc welding. This process allows gravity fed flux to completely cover the welding wire (arc point), which keeps out oxygen and allows for a superior weld.

More About Crankshaft Welding

To adequately prepare a crankshaft journal for a weld, the journal must be ground down first. Many severely damaged crankshafts with a bad journal are significantly out of round and may still contain embedded bearing material. Pre-grinding the crankshaft can eliminate these obstacles to a superior weld. After the weld is completed, the crankshaft is then straightened using a "stress relief" process while the crankshaft is still hot. After cooling and straightening, the crankshaft is then placed into the crankshaft grinding machine. For rod journal welds, the nearest good journal is used to index over to the welded journal. This assures that the crankshaft remains within spec. Then, the crankshaft is ground down to .020 oversize and re-checked for straightness. After this, the grinding wheel is dressed and is used to grind the crankshaft as normal.

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