International Crankshafts

International Crankshaft
International engines and crankshafts are found in a variety of on and off road applications. Government agencies such as Department's of Transportation and municipalities use International vehicles in their fleet of road maintenance vehicles. From tractors to trucks, International crankshafts are quite common. Below you will find additional information to help you choose an appropriate machine shop to repair your International crankshaft.

Diesel Crankshaft Repair

When choosing a machine shop to grind your International crankshaft, it is important to first note the length of the crankshaft. Many machine shops use crankshaft grinding machines which can accept crankshafts no larger then 48 inches in length. Therefore, you may want to contact the machine shop first to verify that their crank grinding machine can accommodate larger International crankshafts.

Most Diesel crankshafts have a large radius, which gives the crankshaft added strength. Most automotive machine shops can accommodate a 1/8 inch radius or less. If your International crankshaft has a larger radius, you may want to discuss this with the engine machinist that will be working on your job. Maintaining the existing radius is critical as it will maintain the strength of the crankshaft.

It is quite common for crankshafts to be slightly bent, especially in longer crankshafts. Normally, most automotive machine shops can straighten crankshafts without a problem.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the grinding of your International crankshaft.
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