John Deere Crankshafts

John Deere Crankshaft
John Deere engines and crankshafts are used in a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, and forestry applications. Because of its diversity, John Deere is not only a household name, but a brand used by home owners, states, municipalities, and county governments. Below you will find additional information to help you choose an appropriate machine shop to repair your John Deere crankshaft.

Diesel and Industrial Crankshaft Grinding

Most John Deere crankshafts are of average size. However, should you encounter a crankshaft exceeding 48 inches in length, then you should first contact the machine shop that will be grinding the crankshaft. Most automotive machines shops operate crankshaft grinders with a maximum chuck to chuck distance of 48 inches or less.

Most diesel and Industrial crankshafts have a large radius on the main and rod journals. This gives the crankshaft added strength, which is often a positive for engines that operate in demanding work environments. Most automotive machine shops have grinding wheels, for their crankshaft grinders, that are 1/8 of inch or less. If your John Deere crankshaft has a larger radius, you may wish to discuss this with the machine shop of your choice. Maintaining the original radius will also maintain the strength of the crankshaft.

Since most John Deere crankshafts are of average size, straightening them is normally not a difficult process. It is always wise to check the crankshaft for straightness before grinding. Automotive machine shops that try to cut corners may not do this. The result could be a remanufactured crankshaft that needs ground .020 under because the bend did not allow for a .010 undersize.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the grinding or welding of your John Deere crankshaft.
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