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Can My Crankshaft Be Repaired?

Most crankshafts can be repaired by machining. Specifically, crankshafts are ground (also referred to as turned) using a crankshaft grinding machine. Because the machining process takes off additional material from the rod and main journals, under-size bearings are required for installation. The most typical undersizes are .010, .020, and .030 of an inch. Even severely damaged crankshafts may be repaired by welding.

Grinding and Repair

If you have a worn/damaged crankshaft, it is important to bring it in to the automotive machine shop to be inspected. This will allow the automotive machinists an opportunity to properly inspect your crankshaft and determine the extent of the damage. While the majority of cranks only require a typical undersize grind, others may need to be straightened, or simply chamfered and polished. On ocassion a weld may be needed to bring the crankshaft journals, thrust, and/or the crankshaft seal surfaces back to OEM specifications.

Please contact us if you would like more information about crankshafts or if you have specific questions regarding your crank shaft and how to obtain a repair estimate.
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